Webapp and TCPSocket

Hi all.

I forgot a very important function needed for my project and today, i’m afraid.
Indeed, my project is based on a Webapp.
My project needs to connect on a server with a specific IP port to send and receive some cmd lines.

The last year, i made a Desktop project with TCPSocket and it works fine.
But, for my new project i believed that TCPSocket was present for a Webapp. But nothing!

So question.
Is it possible to use TCPSocket with a Webapp?
Or is there another way?


Its there. You’ll need to add it in code.

Ha ok,
Good news so. :slight_smile:

I asked this question because, there’s not the icon in the box “controler” at right of the framework, like for a desktop project.

Ok Thanks
It works fine.

Have a nice day Greg. :slight_smile: