WebAnimator misbehaving on server but not locally

What would cause a WebAnimator control to misbehave (gets stuck on last frame) on a server but not when run locally? It misbehaves on both Xojo Cloud server and a Windows server. When the web app is run from the server, it gets stuck on the last frame of the animation and won’t move on. When run locally, it doesn’t get stuck.

If I add a long delay before closing the page on which the WebAnimator runs, it seems to take care of the problem but the delay is not tolerable. Here’s what I have in the AnimationComplete event:

timer1.mode = 1
timer1.period = 5000

When the five seconds is up, I close the page on which the WebAnimator runs.

Any idea what is going on here?

If the animation concerns a control that needs to communicate a lot with the server, there maybe a difference.

On the server, any round trip with the browser takes much longer than local. Also, if you use a cgi, some things are taken care by Apache and no by the app, with possible lag.

Just a hunch, but have you tried to add a step (just moving one pixel or something) and see if what used to be the last step gets executed ? With some luck, the extra step will get stuck instead.

Thanks. I did try that. It just gets stuck on the last part, whatever that happens to be.

I am wondering if it has something to do with this:


If so, I have no idea how to deal with this. It is almost like it isn’t really detecting the end of the animation. In other words, the animation isn’t really done when the AnimationComplete fires and when I try to close the page with the animation on it, the whole app hangs up.

Also, this is tangentially related but thought I should mention. AddKeyFrame and AddNextKeyFrame are double, not integer as stated here and here.

[Note: I am not sure what the difference is between AddKeyFrame and AddNextKeyFrame.]

I just noticed that when I resized the browser, the last frame of the animation completed and the next page was then shown. What is going on here?

File a bug report with your sample project and I’ll take a look.

Feedback case: 42365 - WebAnimator gets stuck on last frame until browser is resized