WebAnimator Issues with Moving & Scaling

I have a WebContainer class, and in that class is a WebAnimator. Each instance’s animator is told to either move the container to a certain position, or scale to a certain percentage.

Can a Move and a Scale be chained together before the Play is issued because that doesn’t seem to be working. I will get a move or a scale. I’ve tried to use two animators, one for moving and one for scaling, and that didn’t seem to work either.

When queueing up a Move, and then checking if Scaling is supported, Chrome returns no. Is this normal? I’ve taken out the checks because I know Chrome supports both.

I’m getting ready to abort using move, and just issue left/top properties. It won’t look as pretty but positioning should work. And I can just use the animator for scaling.

Using Xojo 2018 R4. Standalone Web build on Linux server. Currently only testing this feature on Chrome on Mac.

For posterity since nobody had an answer…
The key was to add a 1 second key frame between the Scale and Move.