WebAnimation only runs once

animatie.RotateY( btLogin, 360, 3 ) animatie.Play
The rotation lasts 3 seconds, the AnimationComplete event is triggered, after that all works fine. However, when the same code is passed again, it does not rotate.

How come?

Because it’s already at 360 degrees. You would need to pass 720 the second time.

Nice try, but not the right solution. Tried it, no success. Also tried -360, no success.

Does rotating it 180 twice do the trick?

Maybe i was not clear enough.

What i want is to rotate a button by 360 degrees as a way of communication. While it rotates, you have to wait.
Later on, the same situation occurs and the button has to rotate again.

animatie.RotateY( btLogin, 360, 3 ) animatie.Play

What exactly happens is, that it actually does use the time of 3 secondes (so animate is active) but just does not move. I Also tried adding up the 360, turning back -360, but still no movement.

Elsewhere in the project i do exactly the same thing, but there i use


And that works fine. Only the rotate does not.

Have you tried RotateX with an angle of zero?