Web2: [WebUIControl] DrawControlInLayoutEditor : how to send message to the console?

I tried system.debuglog but xojo tells me this identifier is unknown.
what is the command to diplay some debug information with this ?

DrawControlInLayouteditor runs in xojoscript.

You could try

print("some message")

Or create a feedback case

sorry “print” does not output anything to the console, and no error message either !

Ok create feature request or ask @Greg_O_Lone of there is a way to use debug messages…

You’ll need to file a feature request. The code you write in there is a XojoScript context with no knowledge of the outside world.

You could draw text on your control though :wink:

by the way, I was trying to display text in my control, and as it was not working, I wanted to display some debug values in the console !