Web WebDialog problems

I am using WebDialog with the ListBox like popup to enter Data on the Listbox rows.
But the WebDialog show and then stop seeing out this on Windows 7 64bits and Windows 7 32bits

any idea how fix this

(XOJO r3.1)

If any have same Problems with Web ?

Alexis maybe your English may have something to do with it. Your question is not very clear.
Escribe la pregunta en espanol. Habemos muchos que hablamos espanol.

Sorry for my poor description about my problem

tengo una aplicacin Web estoy usando el WebListBox y en conjunto a un WebDialog como para uso de recojido de data pero el WebDialog deja de verse por ocasin y no se porque sucede eso.

I have a web application I’m using the WebListBox and together as a WebDialog Picked use of data but WebDialog longer seen by chance and do not know why that happens.