Web Version Feedback...Please?

Could Xojo, Inc. possibly include a web version of feedback in the future for such instances as networks not allowing a remote connection to secure.realsoftware.com? A few times an application has crashed windows 8 due to “misuse in core services” (this is a new safety feature in Windows 8 when an application violates Thread safety and all sorts of new violations…yes xojo apparently violates thread safety during searching [sometimes] and other instances) and the data is displayed on the screen, but immediately after pushing a key once the dump has been generated the PC restarts…a web version would be great to input the information from my tablet and attach a screenshot and post. Of course this would be for ‘emergency’ purposes…I’m not liking windows 8… .Net renders the PC to restart sometimes as well when an exception is thrown…so it’s not just xojo

We have thought about it but there’s a lot of information that we would lose that we get automatically right now.

There has been lots of discussion on this on the NUG, the old Beta list, even at real worlds. There is too much data loss, it can’t catch when Real Studio/Xojo crashes, etc. Plus there is a lot of work that needs to be done to be able to do WE version of feedback.

As for the network issues, the secure web page would have the same issues as feedback getting to secure.realsoftware.com.


Feedback is a bit lacking trust by me. Here’s some strange results of it in windows:
Obviously i can’t file a bug report. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last.

A web based feedback would much more be apreciated by me…:wink:

What happens? Are you behind a firewall? Adjust the rules!

Feedback uses port 443 and currently is talking to a server with IP 74.124.X.X

Check with your sysadmin.

A web version will take weeks to be done, if done, pausing other developments. Don’t wait a web version soon. :wink:

[quote=5808:@Ricardo Araujo]What happens? Are you behind a firewall? Adjust the rules!

Feedback uses port 443 and currently is talking to a server with IP 74.124.X.X

Check with your sysadmin.

A web version will take weeks to be done, if done, pausing other developments. Don’t wait a web version soon. ;)[/quote]
Just look at the link i posted…
Feedback crashes, and it;s not the only time it ever happened. RS/Xojo is much more crash proof.

I don’t mean that they need and instant-solution, cause that’s simply not gonna happen.
Web would just be better i guess. Anyway i have this major issue with Feedback all the time…

I read. Check my comment there.

I’ve seriously considered a Web version of Feedback, as most of the issues concerning data collection could be resolved. However, there is not enough reason to do it.

First of all, it would take more than a few weeks, as Ricardo suggested. The initial version of Feedback took about 6 months to develop end-to-end. A web version would be nearly a complete rewrite.

But the bigger issue is payoff. As it is right now, Feedback is basically just an HTTP client. We get all the benefits and detriments of HTTP, such as not having a persistent full-duplex connection. I’d like to make Feedback more integrated into the desktop, not less.

So no, a web version is not likely to happen. At best, we’d make the public cases available online as read-only, simply so search engines could index the cases, making them appear in search results. Even that is something I don’t see likely though.

Sorry for this unnecessary comment, but my brain is itchy. I did not told few. And 6 months are 24 of those. So, my comment still valid. :wink:

Thom, check the possibility of a clean up app to help as we talked about here: https://forum.xojo.com/808-b10-build-compiler-error-messages-won-t-clear-after-rebuild-b/1#p5844

Derk problems are shown few posts above, here: https://forum.xojo.com/808-b10-build-compiler-error-messages-won-t-clear-after-rebuild-b/p1#p5801

If we’re having a brainstorming session about the Feedback then here’s my 2 cents. Have it sort the searches by the current version only. Wait, stick with me for a second… Then have it so that if your issue wasn’t fixed in the new version that you could (with the click of a button) pull that error report into the current version (after testing to make sure it is, in fact, still an issue).

Sometimes issues seem to get fixed either explicitly or tangentially with a new version but the bug report still sits in there gumming up the works. This may happen because a fix to another problem fixed it, or perhaps a better written bug report was used as the actionable feedback instead of the one still sitting in the queue. By having so many bug reports sitting there it makes it difficult to wade through them and determine if MY bug has been reported so having fewer reports would expedite the reporting process. Also, if a problem is serious people are going to test and pull it forward. It’ll give xojoInc an indirect sense of the seriousness of an issue. And finally don’t show closed or resolved cases. I don’t see the need. Again, gumming up the works.

We were discussing the fixing of the current version for windows, but, at least for me, fast brainstorms are always welcome.

Please make this a preference setting, i have had several cases that were closed because RS couldn’t reproduce the problem because they were testing on the wrong platform (Mac instead of WIndows).

In an earlier discussion on the NUG i have suggested to give the original poster the possibility to set the status of the report to solved if the problem isn’t showing anymore in a later version or after a restart of the computer or other reason. This would IMO cleanup the feedback considerable, This could also be the case if you find another copy of your report.

Clearly we would need the ability to look at the “old” cases to pull them forward into the current version. I was just spitballing so I hadn’t explicated all the details.

That makes sense to me. Under my proposal it would fall into purgatory when the new version came out so if you see it solved and are too lazy or too busy it wouldn’t show up as an issue in the current version. The default search would be to not include those reports in purgatory. The advantage of this is when I search for my issue and don’t find it I can confidently write a new report. Who cares if it’s also in purgatory? It wouldn’t be redundant to the current version. For those that prefer to poke around in the ancient history archives for a similar feedback to “pull” forward, hey, knock yourself out. I’d rather just type out my issue and move on than fumble through that nonsense. Either way, the issue is documented for the current version.