Web: Using bigger Icons as 32x32 in the WebToolbar?

I want to use the WebToolbar of the Xojo WebEdition [2016.4.1]. When I adding an image [the company logo] that is not squared, Xojo scaled it down: A logo from 32x100 are scaled to 32x32.

Is there a possibility to add Icons into WebToolbar, which have a higher width? Without an auto-scaling - down?

[ I asked in the German Forum, but found no solution [ https://forum.xojo.com/39036-web-toolbar-mit-breiterem-bild-icon ], thats the reason I try it again in English. ]

Create a container with the image and then add the container to the webtoolbar.

Gotcha! That was the solution. Sounds so simple, but works perfectly. Thank you!