Web Upload sample missing

Hello all.
Can anyone share a copy of the web upload sample? It seems to be missing from the Web folder in the samples if 2017R3, 2018R1 and 2018R1.1

Thank you!

There’s also a basic example in the docs :slight_smile:

Thanks Albin. I was hoping that the sample code would show how to select a target folder to place the uploaded files into (and include network paths). The code snippet you pointed to does not do that.

Any idea where I might find code to do that?


Sure it does :slight_smile:

outputFile = New FolderItem(file.Name)
Just change it to the folderitem you want.

Oh. If you’re looking for some kind of dialog presented to the user to select a directory on the servers file system to upload TO…not possible.

You’ll have to build your own dialog for that.

Yes, I am looking for a dialog like that. Will try to create one.

Thanks Albin.

The dialog that you will create with Xojo will look on the server filesystem, not on the client filesystem. Perhaps with Javascript, but I doubt that the browser will be given access to the client’s filesystem.

I want to look at the server file system, not the clients.

The example at http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/FolderItem.Item should get you on the way.

Use CellTag to store the actual folderItem

Use Cellclick to select the folderItem.

I got it working… kind of. Since I need to show many levels, sub folders in the path, is there a way to duplicate in the web object how to do the expand and contract row? Some of the desktop objects built-in functions do not exist in the web version. Does anyone have sample code that emulates that?