Web updating a desktop application

Hi, I haven’t purchased Xojo yet but yet I am writing an application using it which is amazing.

My application is internet dependent and will be compiled for both Windows + Mac.

Periodically I may have to update it, so I was wondering how could I auto-update them:

  • For Windows is easy: My app can just download (HTTP Socket) the new setup (InnoSetup) and background install it silently. The tricky part is just to shutdown the app right after executing the setup, or it won’t be possible to replace the main EXE because it’s open right?

  • For MAC: Don’t know yet what to do because I am not well versed with it but if possible I would do something similar.

Plan B would be download all new files from server using a second app: “the updater” and paste them manually in program’s folder.

Was just wondering if you guys had a similar situation and could share your thoughts too. Thanks!

Search on top of the forum for ‘updater’. You will be amazed at the number of threads about that, and see several solutions exist.

I was searching for the wrong keywords. Thanks @Michel Bujardet