Web throughput: Controls vs Styles

Here’s what that odd conversation title refers to. Let’s say I have a two alternative versions of a Web app.

The first displays to the user four 8x7 tables of cells to fill out (sort of four spreads sheets), where such tables are arranged vertically on the display for a mobile user. So this layout displays 224 cells.

The second displays a single 8x7 table of cells to fill out, but gives the user a WebPopupMenu with which they can choose to switch from one 8x7 table to another and fill out data that way. This works by never loading a different page of cells; rather, it recycles the existing table of cells by updating its WebLabels and the styles used for its various rows of cells. So, even though only 57 controls display (the cells plus the WebPopuMenu), field WebStyles will update, along with WebLabels.

What’s the relative throughput expense of loading controls like WebLabels and WebTextFields on the one hand, and updating WebLabels and WebStyles on the other hand? I think I may not be saving anything by implementing the second design. Assume a typical user will browse all four tables every time.