Web TabPanel Example


i explored the Examples, but there seem to be no Example for a Web TabPanel or am i wrong?


you are right, but it is pretty straightforward


though I think that there still some issue with sorting of the tabs, you should probably search in the forum.

I’m hijacking this thread :grin: With the same question, again!

It does seem pretty straightforward, until you want to do something like change the background color of the current selected tab or tabpage (which isn’t a thing).

So looking over the online docs and there are several indexes: SelectedPanelIndex, LastPanelIndex I can get a PanelCount. But with any of these, what is my target object?

It seems there should be a Method that returns an object, say tab, pane, panel? Like WebListBox can return a CellValueAt or SelectedRowValue (maybe bad example).

Then I noticed WebView, which says it is the superclass for all classes that may contain other objects. WebPage, WebContainer, WebTabPanel. So I suspect my “tab-pane” (what it is called in the web browser inspector) is a WebView? I still don’t know how to use an index or panelcount to point to it.

I’m definitely missing something. :confused:

It would be helpful to know what you are trying to do first.

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In this particular case, I was looking to apply style (BackgroundColor) to a selected tab pane.

I also do not understand how to use ControlAt of WebTabPanel. I thought I could throw a given index to it, but it is just throwing exceptions.
Var oVar As Variant = MyTabPanel.ControlAt(MyTabPanel.SelectedPanelIndex)
Var sID As String = MyTabPanel.ControlAt(MyTabPanel.SelectedPanelIndex).ControlID

The individual panels are not controls so that a not going to work.