Web Services Demo Code


There is a very helpful video on accessing web services at http://developer.xojo.com/webinar-accessing-3rd-party-web-services - however neither of the example files will run, perhaps because the code was intended for a much older version of XoJo.

Is there updated code I can download, or can someone explain what to change?

Lots of web services related topics and examples are linked here:


Thanks - but none of the examples there can be downloaded:

Examples/Communication/Web Services/AirTableArtGallery
Examples/Communication/Web Services/CatAPI
Examples/Communication/Web Services/FeedBin
Examples/Communication/Web Services/FormatSQL
Examples/Communication/Web Services/RESTy
Examples/Communication/Web Services/Slack

There are included with Xojo. Click Examples in the Project Chooser and you’ll see them all at the indicated paths.