Web Service Listener example?

There is an app that can send XML content via web services to a URL.

If I have a internet connected PC or server, and write a Windows or console app, does anyone have a ‘for Dummies’ example of how to make that app listen for a message, receive it, and send back an http 200 message to say ‘thank you’?

A standalone web app (which you can deploy as a Windows service) can do that easily in conjunction with the WebApplication.HandleSpecialURL event.

One such example is Examples/Web/QuoteService-SpecialURL.

Cheers Paul.
Looks the business.

I was hoping not to have to go web edition for this though… thats a big licence fee jump for what is likely to turn out to be a little one-shot app that I can’t get paid for.

Look at Examples/Communication/Internet/Web Server. It should get you started.