web server documentation

Is there any documentation available that offers a step by step guide for configuring a server and deploying a cgi web application on a linux server? At my business I’ve had two very competent technical people try to get the xojo sample application running but they have not been able to do it. I’ve seen a video from Bob Keeney about getting an application to run on an existing server, but that doesn’t help with configuring the server itself. I know some people are running web applications, so there’s got to be some documentation, right?

unfortunately there is not one that makes it easy.

I wish i had the documentation tools for you so i could have done it once i had time for it.

There are no step-by-step guides because there are countless configurations available for the many different Linux distros, not to mention other differences added by hosting providers. This is why we offer Xojo Cloud.

General steps are described in these documents:

The general steps are very general and have proven insufficient to get the xojo sample app running on our servers. I understand there are different distros, but could there not be a step by step guide to some of the more popular ones? Or at least to one of the more popular ones?

I have had the best luck with Ubuntu when using Linux. I tried CentOS and got tangled up with various library issues and gave up. Apache can also be a problem to get configured correctly.

If you must use Apache take a look at Webmin. It will simplify your server admin and the Apache admin.

You could also try the free version of the Abyss Web server (http://www.aprelium.com. It has a few issues but the admin is a “dream” compared to tinkering with Apache config files. It has lots of built in features like easy SSL setup. There is a free version with some limitations you could try.

I know you said Linux but Windows and Abyss are a very simple combination to administer.