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If you need one-on-one assistance in bot design or web-automatiowantn id be glad to take the time to aid and teach you. One of the most difficult aspects to break through is that xojo does not support HTTP 1.1 (ONLY http 1.0)… where 1.1 protocol is now a REQUIRED protocol to access many websites (any majorly known website anyway). Due to Xojos Http 1.0 (has been obsolete since 2002-2003) I developed a fully supported http 1.1 socket class… which is why I am also the only xojo developer to successfully interact with twitter, Facebook, tumblr, google, Amazon, etc… without using a 3rd party paid inter-mediary service.

I love to teach and expand knowledge so if you need any help or would like to learn id be glad to help. Only 2 Xojo employees give me grief for my knowledge as I’ve developed operating systems, compilers, and worked on some really neat classified projects… even wrote an ios compiler in Xojo that rivals Xojos in only 4 months (verses the now 2.5 years progress of Xojo’s)…(perhaps they feel the need to feel superior… where there is no need to…we are all equal and friends)…I like everyone :slight_smile:

By the way I have full licensing to all services I interact with and provide a copy of licensing, license numbers, and copyrights with all commercial controls (ie SimTranslator)…You can learn about some stuff I’ve done through a Google search of my name as well as discover I’ve done work for Google (they are really not as ‘fun’ as they want everyone to believe. . But really great people) and in 2008 found their flaw in OAuth 1.0 which led to OAuth 2.0 :wink: Thus why I am so adept at manipulating APIs since all api standards are now OAuth 2.0.

I was hoping to attend XDC this year but perhaps next year. I have some really great things to share with everyone that are completely “unimaginable” (in a great way)… (ie an autonomous self-learning robot designed in Xojo and all sorts of goodies to show Xojo is not just for “software development”) :slight_smile:

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I want to vouch for this guy. He really knows his stuff and has been helping me with my little web robot project recently. Thank you!

Have you thought about writing a technical book, blog post or white paper on the subject? It’s certainly interesting and a book starting at the basics would be useful. I know several Xojo users have written books. Eugene’s book on office automation is kind of what I’m talking about. I bought the one on Excel and it was money well spent.

Just an idea.

I’ve worked with Dropbox and Google using HTTP 1.0…

It would be nice if you sold or open sourced the 1.1 class for all our benefit.