Web robot ?

Indeed! In some spare time, I’ll replay some of them on my phone using ScummVM. Day of the Tentacle is the current one :slight_smile:


Declare Function CGPostKeyboardEvent Lib "ApplicationServices" (keyChar as Short, virtualKey as Short, keyDown as boolean) as Integer Dim result As Integer result = CGPostKeyboardEvent(keyChar, virtualKey, keyDown)


PostKeyboardEvent(0, 76, true) // for pressing.... PostKeyboardEvent(0, 76, false) // and releasing the key

If i unterstand your question right, this “press” the enter key on the num of your keyboard. So you can simulate every key (MAC OS X).

This should belong here, even if it’s only indirectly related. I found it interesting and have used it a couple of times.

Essentially it’s a command-line webkit, able to load and interact programmatically with pages loaded that, in memory, render fully. The programming is done in JavaScript:


I’ve used for automated testing of websites. Everything you can automate from a javascript console in a web inspector can be automated in this as well.

In modern webs this may be the only way to automate web robots (and in some cases even scraping), since they must fully render pages and run all included javascript before they can be interacted with.