Web request return true

There are probably better ways of handling this (open for suggestions).
I have windows app that returns data ( simple qty field)
I have successfully connected and can get the data over to a web app using easytcp triggered by a button on a web page and the response goes nicely to a web text field.

The next step is to use handlespecialurl to trigger the easytcp query.
Everything works well except after I receive the data back I send a print command to the web request but can’t figure out how to set the webrequest return to true.
So the data is there but never gets sent in the response.




Perhaps simply Return True after Request.Print as shown in the example for HandleSpecialURL.

The problem is If I return true in the webrequest it fires before the easytcp socket finishes.

Easytcpsocket is async, your better off making a serversocket and connect straight to the easytcpsocket server.