Web Reports and Graphs

I am trying to look into the options for A web application. We are writing a highly Data driven web application.We use mySQL.

One of the tools that Xojo lacks is a good web-based reporting engine.(Don’t get me started on the anemic web list box).

What I am looking for suggestions that will allow me to embed in my application reports with drill down capacity of the data and I wish to be able to graph some of this data.

I really don’t want to have to write each report by hand in Xojo if reporting specific tools are somehow available for the web.

For charting you can use ChartDirector from MBS. Our BKS Shorts reporting tool works on desktop and web applications. We are using it in 2 different web applications that are under active development.

Unfortunately, we’re not doing runtime drill down yet. It’s on our to do list but it’s not anywhere near the top. However, an enterprising and motivated developer could modify the existing code base (assuming pro license) and determine what the object that was clicked on and generate an event for the viewer. Not sure of the exact details (because we haven’t done it) but the report objects are accessible at runtime.

Otherwise, I don’t know of any drill down reporting tools for Xojo.

hi Jay, what is the SO where run your webApp ??

ok if you can put your webApp on pc/server with windows the BEST PRODUCT is CrystalReport by SAP

with Crystal Report you can generate any kind of file pdf,xml,html … ( valutaion 10++)
crystal report designer is very spectacular (valut. 12)
reports can be very complex
it really rapid
the prices is about 400/500 euros
it is much scalable
you don’t need of support because you can find any solution on internet
:frowning: it can be installed on MS OS

Other solution is Valentina Report (valutation 4)
it is multi platform
designer no good (valutation 4)
report can’t be complex (valutation 6)
support … what support??, ahahahaha , the support replay that you send request to mailing list … (valutation -2)

in alternative you can use library to create tour report by code i suggest Turbo Report…

[quote=61217:@Jury Buono]
Other solution is Valentina Report (valutation 4)
it is multi platform
designer no good (valutation 4)
report can’t be complex (valutation 6)
support … what support??, ahahahaha , the support replay that you send request to mailing list … (valutation -2)[/quote]

You have to be joking, right? Ruslan asked you to post identified bugs to mantis, and coding questions to the mailing list ( Thu, 23 Jan 2014, 08:02PM ). After you did so, our engineers were able to reproduce the problem, identify a bug in the code, given a workaround, and then had a beta fix ready ( Sat, 25 Jan 2014, 12:53PM ).

I can see how you were irritated with some of Ruslan’s replies (and you were both communicating in not your native languages), but don’t dis our products and service because you didn’t care for the format for the very rapid support you received.

yes Lynn for the latest ticket ,you are right but :
if you check my older ticket you can see wath i describe in last post.
The first reply of ruslan is that i must wtite on mailing list. (??? this is support ???)
the support is not mailing list (mailing list is for users developer and others to exchange experience),
Support must be a service.
i obtain support only when i had used hard words (it is not professional)
but, i must be correct and at last ticket (after i become hungry and i have discussed with ruslan) support check the problem and pubblicates the beta (this is a good work but i must no discuss to obtain this).

Jury, its not strange to direct customers to ask on the official mailing list when it comes to questions involving extensive coding. The original question related to a large chunk of supplied coding. The vast majority of questions that come in when it involves extensive coding have nothing to do with Valentina at all. It has to do with understanding how to code in the target platform.

When such questions go to the mailing list, it goes the community and gives more engineers a chance to “crack” the problem first. I do believe you’ll find the same here. Xojo support isn’t there to debug your code for you. We have staff that CAN debug your code, but that’s a service not included with your license.

After its posted there, it gets viewed by the community, and also by various staff at Paradigma. It also exists as a record there, so it can be discussed later, and made available later. Personally, I like forums better for that, and its likely we will go to a forum format when our new website is ready.

If a bug is identified, that goes directly into MANTIS, the bug tracker, which then goes directly into engineering, where the specific engineer who works on that specific version of Valentina investigates, confirms, and fixes.

This might all sound like a lot, but the response from Paradigma happens quite quickly. The developer list also has a lot of very seasoned developers on it who are more than willing to answer questions based on their real world experience - just like here.

Lynn, for the first my ticket was not for problem of my code.
you say :“We have staff that CAN debug your code, but that’s a service not included with your license”

if you remeber i have opened ticket for a real bug in vReport and paradigma staff releases a beta
for the second i suggest to paradigma a forum for support, beacuse in yours mailing list we can’t search messages…

and ok you have released the beta … and at now is not stable …

Please report what you are seeing then into MANTIS and engineering can take a look at it. We aren’t being inundated with bug fix requests so its likely something particular to the calls you are making and / or the patch we just made.

Your original report amounted to “this Xojo code isn’t working with Valentina”. Even though it was later determined that there was a bug, we require you follow our screening process so that we don’t end up debugging basic coding mistakes. I cannot tell you how often we get support questions asking about something that doesn’t seem to work, and then it ends up being a mistyped semi-colon or quotation mark or something similar.

Searching mailing lists isn’t easy but it can be done. I do prefer forums myself. It is very likely that the next major update to the website will include an integrated forum system. I really like the Q&A style of stackoverflow, or what Xojo has here.

lynn you are wrong, you are seeing other ticket.
my ticket was this, and in this there is no code…
ticket n. 766
this is what i wrote

Jury (Thu, 23 Jan 2014, 08:02PM):
Hi, hi have make a
mainReport from query like this : select numInvoice, dateInvoice, CodArt, Color, Qty from artInvoice
subReport form query like this : select name,numInv, dateInv from invoice
then i link maniReport and subReport with function “Field Map”
and i have associate
mainReport Field SubReport field
numInvoice numInv this fields ares numeric data type
dateInvoce dateInv this fields ares date data type
if i made this links the report show only main report and not sub report
if i made this links without dates all work fine
i check if dates in main query and sub query are equal and the result is yes
can you help me please ??
sorry for my bad english, J.B.
ps. i have post this on mailing list…

then this discussion may lead you to improve the support service, if you want.
otherwise there are no problems only opinions.

You know neither one of you two are helping the OP with his question. Anything constructive to the purpose of this thread?

on my fourth post
i have listed good and bad characteristics of crystal report and valentina report.
i think that i have produced a constructive comparison between the two systems.

Sure. I agree with Bob Keeney - there really aren’t good solutions for Xojo with drill down capabilities.

There are two types of add-on solutions for Xojo: native objects, and non-native objects. I believe Bob’s solution is all Xojo, so its extensible as Xojo is extensible. Valentina Reports is non-native, so its extensible is ways that Xojo isn’t extensible. You can do web edition with both, but not the sort of way I think Jay really wants.

Lynn - do you have an example of using Crystal Reports for XOJO Web APP?

I use Valentina Studio is about same of Crystal Reports.

I have Web App with Reports works perfects.

I have a bazillion Crystal report rpt files - it would be nice to just convert them. But I would like to learn more about Valentina.
My reports expect a recordset. The APP shapes the data and simply sends to the rpt file. Also, change the formulas withing the rpt as we need to.
So, I don’t know if Valentina will do that - your thoughts?

Valentina make PDF file so you can print or send by email or see on the screen like html file

Thanks - do you know if Valentina has a demo package ?

yes free for test