Web: Read JSON into Dicts

I have problems to read this JSON into Dicts:


For example I want the “Uname” with the value FIRSTNAME.
I try it this way, but got errors I don’t understand - the JSON Parser didn’t parse everything on his own?:

  DIM HTTPSocket_Daten As New HTTPSocket
  DIM JSON_TestDaten As String
  DIM Text_JSON_TestDaten As Text
  JSON_TestDaten = "Hallo Welt!"
  JSON_TestDaten = HTTPSocket_Daten.get("'FIRSTNAME')", 999)
  JSON_TestDaten = DefineEncoding(JSON_TestDaten, Encodings.ASCII)
  Text_JSON_TestDaten =JSON_TestDaten.ToText
  TextArea_Testbereich.Text = Text_JSON_TestDaten
  // MsgBox (JSON_TestDaten )
  Dim jsonDict As Xojo.Core.Dictionary
  jsonDict = Xojo.Data.ParseJSON(Text_JSON_TestDaten) // Mein JSON
  Dim metaData As Text = jsonDict.Value("d")
  Dim values() As Auto = jsonDict.Value("Uname")
  For i As Integer = 0 To 2 // values.Ubound
    Dim valueDict As Xojo.Core.Dictionary = values(i)
    Dim name As Text = valueDict.Value("Name")
    Dim description As Text = valueDict.Value("Description")
    MsgBox(name + ": " + description)

got it:

dim root as new JSONItem( JSON_TestDaten )
dim rootItem as JSONItem = root.Value( “d” )
dim nameauslesen as string = rootItem.Value( “Uname” )