Web <raw> Tag

Has anyone had any luck using the new tag to render HTML? I’m trying to use it in a WebLabel with no luck. The HTML just renders as text in the browser (showing all of the tags including the “” tag). Thanks.

Which version of Xojo are you trying that under ?

It works just fine here under 2017R1 Mac. Note that the result will show only in the running app, not in the IDE.


Can you show us an example of the text you’re putting in the label?

I think I found the answer. The text being loaded had embedded carriage returns in it. When I removed them it worked.

Yup. Replace those with
and you should be all set.

In HTML, carriage return is simply ignored. Would it not be good that it behaves the same in ?

Please file a bug report.


This is my experience using the new tag

Forum post

That’s not entirely true… it’s the browser which ignores the EndOfLine character, not the server. If you were to send “Hello
World” from a php script, the web server would send all of those characters to the client because it doesn’t know what the client’s intent is, nor how it plans to render it. Since Xojo Web apps are technically web servers, we’ll probably solve it the same way.

Then the issue is within Xojo which does not let through everything between and </raw) precisely raw, if I understand right.

I see in Feedback that the issue is fixed, already. Congratulations, Greg.