Web Radio button group do not work properly

I’m having problem updating the values of web radio button group in my web application
While navigating through the records, when there is a record with complete status,the values are filled and then all the fields are made disabled.
According to values in database the radio button is not updating, it remains selected with the values of the previous incomplete record in which all the fields are enabled.
I have tried enabling, changing the values and then disabling the radio button again, but it is not working.
How to solve it?

Code ?

I have this wrote in one function

[quote] rdgrpFrameEnclosed.Enabled=True

then in same function, i have called another function which have this

If you call a change of state within the same event, it won’t work, because any change in the UI takes place at the end of the event.

You could do the change of state in a timer instead.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: