Web project Windows on Macos

Hi all,
I have a WEB project created on windows that I now open on macos No error is visible when generating it, but the running project does not open in the browser. If I create a new project on mac, everything works normally. Where can the problem be?

Hi @Frantisek_Jesatko, could you please create a new Issue? From there you can attach sample projects that helps us to find the problem and fix it.

Thank you!

Unfortunately, I can not create a project, until now I did the development on windows and I transferred this project to macOS and debugging does not work there. No browser opens. I thought someone had already addressed this problem. The project has plugins from mbs and Graffiti, it would be complicated.

Check the debug port. It needs to be > 1024 on Mac, usually something like 8080

sorry for all the questions, I’m new to Macos, something is different. I had the wrong settings to connect to the mysql server. Thank you for your help