Web Printer Orientation

I need to be able to change the printer to Landscape when printing a certain web page. Would I need to determine what browser is running, and then change the orientation? How would I do all of this?

You can’t control that. The orientation of the printer is completely controlled by the user.


I have a web page with two Canvas controls side by side. Before printing the web page I move the right canvas below the left canvas so when printed they are stacked. Code Follows:

Web Page is named Curves
Curves.Shown event Code
Timer1.Mode = 0

Print Button Code
Button2.Visible = False
Button1.Visible = False
Curves.Canvas2.Top = 449
Curves.Canvas2.Left = 34
ExecuteJavaScript “print();”
Timer1.Mode = 1

Timer1 Code
Button2.Visible = True
Button1.Visible = True
Curves.Canvas2.Left = 432
Curves.Canvas2.Top = 57
Timer1.Mode = 0

I can see the right canvas move and the buttons are hidden. The printer prints the web page but the canvas are still side by side. Any ideas?

I think I mentioned this in the other thread… If the timer fires before the user’s print dialog is presented (and probably before it’s dismissed) it will always be incorrect. What’s Timer1.Period set to?

Timer set to 10000