Web poll app

I’d like to make a simple poll app, since I’m not familiar with web xojo I was wondering if there are any easy ways to prevent a user from repeating multiple times the poll and twisting the results.
The only thing that comes to my mind is taking his IP and storing it on a text file server side and then scroll the array for a check every single time a new users wants to use the app but this seems a bit “heavy” .

Any workarounds ?


A SQLite database would be a better choice than a text file.

But still…the only way is creating a list of IPs?

Not at all, you could write a cookie to their system (easy to get around or they have multiple devices) or require a confirmation to an email (harder but not impossible to get around). Even remote ip address isn’t that great to ensure integrity, mobile phones on data will often get new ip addresses when reconnecting or changing cell sites. This is probably why political elections require attendance & in some places die on the finger to stop multiple votes. Remote ip address also locks out NAT users which again skews your results.

So all that said, remote ip address is the simplest way of getting minimally skewed results.