[web] paint with Graphics and printing from browser

i am very new to xojo and i can’t find the answer in help or here in the forum.

what is equivalent to this sample code for a web app?
can i also paint something (without report usage) and output it via browser to a printer?

[quote]Dim p As New PrinterSetup
Dim g As Graphics
g = OpenPrinterDialog§
If g <> Nil Then
// Draw text 1 inch across and 1 inch down
g.DrawString(“Hello World”, p.HorizontalResolution, p.VerticalResolution)
End If[/quote]

plan b would be a extra desktop app.

(and unfortunately i saw web app did not have a Report component, thats wondrous because the document page output is a picture)

I use html in the HandleSpecialURL event, then use the browser print. You can also send the html to wkhtmltopdf with shell and create a pdf document to download or print.
I use both in my web app to print invoices.