Web Noob; Xojo Web Basic Knowledge Check

I have historically only worked with desktop apps, but it seems wasteful for me not to learn Xojo Web considering I have the license for it.

After reading through some of the documentation and the basic Xojo Web tutorial, I think I have a basic understanding of how the basics of Xojo web function (as opposed to a desktop app)

My brain is trying to organize this knowledge visually.

Would this messy MSPAINT diagram be accurate?


Each web page would be the equivalent to a Window on a desktop app. The only difference is really that a web app assigns each connecting user a session to keep track of their “instance” of the app, whereas a desktop app is… pretty straightforward.

Can anyone clarify if my basic understanding is valid? Wanting to make sure I have a solid foundation before advancing to any next steps.

Thank you.

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Perhaps you should put “web application” in the top box.

Session is the instance of the websession class of the app assigned to each user.

Note that a desktop app does have the notion of session, but it is internal.

Each web page is indeed the equivalent of a window.

Not really.

If you want a desktop analogy, each WebPage is more like a Container control being created/destroyed inside a Single Window and the WebSession like the App class of a desktop in the sense that you have a WebSession for each user and this class is accesible from every other place.

Thanks to both of you! This is helpful for me.