Web Modal Dialog

How can i pass different value in the same modal dialog window?
For example, i have a login page. If the login is incorrect then I show the modal dialog with static message: “Your credentials are wrong!”. I want to use the same modal dialog window for other error but i need to pass the correct message. How can i do this?
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Put a message property in the modal dialog.
Show the message when the dialog isShown event fires.

In your code when you want to display this dialog you would “New” it to create it. Initialize the property with your message and then show the dialog.

If you want to handle the result back on the original page you would also need to use AddHandler to point the close event of the dialog to a method in the original page.

This is all off the top of my head, but IIRC there should be some example of this in the examples folder. If you don’t find it I’ll try and look for an example and post it later. HTH