Web Login example location?

Xojo: 2023r1.1
OS: Windows 11
Target: Web

I am going to create a local web app for 3 people, and am looking for an example login project. When I went to Xojo documentation, the location should be Example Projects/Web/SecureLoginExample (Secure web login screens — Xojo documentation).

Maybe I missed it and I can’t seem to find it. Is this example, or another web login example available that I can download to create a quick login program for a Web App?

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You can find more here: Secure Web App Login Screens – Xojo Programming Blog

Thanks for the comment @Sebastien_REMY Sebastien. Maybe I missed it, and I can’t seem to find the link to download the example?

Hi Eugene,

That path is for the Web 1.0 example. I do not believe there is a Web 2.0 example. You can find the project at that path in the Example Projects folder of an IDE supporting Web 1.0 (before 2020).

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Examples/Platform/Web/Managing User Login
isn’t it what you’re searching for ?


Today I learned there is a Web 2.0 example! Thanks, @Jean-Yves_Pochez

Yes, Thank you @Jean-Yves_Pochez,

The documents mention the project is called SecureLoginExample and should be in the folder Example Projects/Web. You are correct, and it is located in Examples/Platforms/Web and is called Managing User Login.

Did Xojo change the folder structure of the Web Examples in Xojo2023r1.1?

I also looked for the example web project in the following folders:

  1. C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2023r1.1\Xojo Resources\Web, and there are only icons
  2. C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2023r1.1\Extras\WebSDK\Examples, and no login example, and they have sdk examples and callbacks
  3. C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2023r1.1\Extras\PluginsSDK\Examples, have plugin examples

I guess the documentation information requires updating.

Thanks again @Jean-Yves_Pochez !