[Web] Link from html to another page in app

What I need to do (what client wants): We have a page in a web app. It’s going to display a little bit of HTML in an HTML Viewer. In the HTML will be a link to another site. No problem there. However, we also need to be able to link to another page in our own app.

Is this possible? I’ve looked at the hashtag property, and it doesn’t seem that this will solve the problem. The link opens in a new tab. I need to move to the new page in our app but remain on the same tab in the browser.

-Bob Gordon

That is tricky. One way would be to have a run a http request from javascript to talk to the web app. But with “/special/” inside, so your app can answer there and react.

Where is the HTML coming from? Is this something that you are designing?

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The HTML is coming from a page on the app itself. What is wanted is an html link from one page in the app to another page in the app.


hashtag ?

And look at the target attribute of the html link “a” tag

maybe it would be worth to have a look to the HTMLArea Example of the WebSDK

That may work, but you can’t send full HTML to the websdk example project.