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I am a complete newbie in programming web applications with Xojo. It says “deploy anywhere” when you have booked the web license, but I can’t find any examples of how that works. Sure, if I had booked Xojo cloud, it would be easy to deploy the application to the server. But I don’t know how that would work if you have hosting booked elsewhere - especially if I can only generate exe files with a build. “Lifeboat” from “Strawberry” supposedly works for Linux servers, but unfortunately not with the hosting provider I use (“Livecode Hosting”), although Linux-based. I’m at a loss, and it would help me a lot if someone could give me a simple example of deploying to another hosting platform outside of the Xojo cloud.

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You might just need a different service. I use IONOS.com for everything. They’re reasonably priced and will even customize a server to fit your needs, plus they implement auto load balancing on the servers I usually spin-up. If you’re unsure on how to do something, they’ll even provide support to get 3rd party services/software working with their servers - usually, at no extra cost. Cheapest VPS for testing is only ~$2USD.

Check with live code support for your current situation. If they don’t provide any assistance services, I would consider parting ways. There are a number of blog posts on how to Deploy a Xojo Web application.

Here’s one:

Hello, thank you very much, this will help me a lot. Best regards, Peter.

I’ve deployed Xojo Web Apps (but the previous generation - Web 1.0) on macOS servers and Linux VPS.
Xojo Web apps should work on any Linux VPS providing the prerequisites are met. They are unlikely to work on shared hosting packages though. I’m not sure what Livecode hosting offers.

@Tim_Parnell, the developer of Lifeboat is very active here and has helped many Xojo users.

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Tim from Strawberry, the author of Lifeboat, here! Happy to answer any questions you might have about deploying to Linux.

I have a couple of videos on how to get up and started with AWS or Digital Ocean if you’re migrating away from LiveCode hosting.

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Tim Parnell

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