Web iOS 8 full screen iPad bug?

One of the great things of a web app is that it is easy to install, and using the add to home screen option, is full screen and looks like a native App.
Well, in iOS7 that works pretty good; on an iPad safari browser, it left the top line black, showing just the power indicator at the top right.
But in iOS8, the Xojo web App now truly is full screen in a different way; the interface of your app starts at the very top of the screen,
but the texts of iOS are displayed over your app interface: I see the “iPad” Label at the top left, the time top centre and the battery status top right, projected over my web app, which looks messy
The bottom of the web interface is an empty grey bar, the height of which corresponds with the part that is up too high at the top.
Does anyone know how to maybe add a Header line to solve this?

I’m getting this. Very annoying!

I haven’t looked into this, but I wonder if there are any changes to the ViewPort that you can do to help with this, such as what is described in this blog post:


Thanks Paul, I tried the code from that link and there was no change. Interesting though.

I have a fascinating workaround! My web app is designed for iPad use and needs to work in landscape mode for the interface to work properly. So, in the Session.OrientationChanged event I have some MsgBox code as below to advise the user. I have found that if I launch the app in portrait mode, get the MsgBox displayed, OK it, then turn the iPad to landscape mode, the bar appears OK at the top of the screen and all changes to orientation are correct.


If Session.Browser = WebSession.BrowserType.Android or _
Session.Browser = WebSession.BrowserType.SafariMobile then
If Angle = 0 or Angle = 180 then
Msgbox(“Please note the application will not work in portrait mode. Please change the orientation of your iPad to landscape.”)
End If
End if

I didn’t expect that specific viewport setting to do anything, but maybe it has other parameters that might help.

A bug report was filed and we looked into it. It’s a bug in mobile safari on iOS 8.



Thanks Greg, I have my workaround for now but will look out for this being fixed in an iOS update.