Web Image View fade in effect.

I am displaying some pictures in a WebImageView control and I would like to be able to fade them in as they are displayed. I spent several hours working with a canvas and got it working with the transparency property just to then find out there is no equivalent in the web canvas… Is there an example out there somewhere of how to do this with a WebImageView? Thanks.

You could try using ExecuteJavascript on the control to do it.

Thanks. I thought of trying css somehow. I’ll give that a try as well.

You could use the WebAnimator :slight_smile:

Wow that’s a really great idea. I am unfamiliar with this class, but I just gave it a try and it’s not doing exactly what I need. I have a timer calling a method every 30 seconds that increments through an array of pictures.

I tried:

  ' Start the fading effect
  Animator1.Opacity(cloudViewer, 0, 1)

Which fades my currently displayed picture out. How do I get it to fade back in?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Animator1.Opacity(cloudViewer, 100, 1) Animator1.Play

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Yeah I get that part what I was asking is how do you get enough delay between the fade out and fade back in animation?

If I try to fade out:

Animator1.Opacity(cloudViewer, 0, 1)

then later in the same method try to fade back in:

Animator1.Opacity(cloudViewer, 100, 1)

It just flickers.

I’ve sort of got it working with a timer. Thanks for all your help.

Thought I would share my solution to save the next person looking for this solution some grief. I started using two timers but simplified it to one timer. I finally accomplished the fade out and fade in effect with two web animators instead. I used one timer to load the pictures and then one animator to fade out and I used the Animation Complete event on the fade out animator to get the right delay before firing the fade in animation. All the code you need is already in this thread. Hope that helps someone else!