Web hosters for use with Xojo cgi?

Apparently Xojo cgi requires the use of sockets. From Xojotest.cgi (as reviewed by my current hosting folks):

I have checked your code and found that the script is trying to create sockets for making connections. Please see the following lines.

my $sock = create_socket($app_port);

if (!test_connection($sock)) {
my $launch = launch($app_port);
if ($launch == 1) {
$sock = create_socket($app_port);
if (!$sock) {

This option is disabled in the server for security reasons in shared server.

Any recommendations for web hosting services that allow sockets?

I’d recommend a VPS.
That way you decide what you do with your server.

not an expert …

A very workable option is to rent an VPS with WHM/Cpanel. This does not require you to be an Linux expert but gives you control over your server and application.

WHM/Cpanel makes it very easy to configure your VPS and to deploy your Xojo web application. I use several different VPSses for my applications.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server.
It’s running on a server along with other VPS instances but you have a part of the server dedicated to you that runs a copy of the OS.

You control your VPS often using SSH shell access to configure it and install applications and stuff :slight_smile:

how bout a vps that’s pretty well set up?

Unless you’re just testing out some apps or have a small group of patient inhouse people using your app then stay away from shared server solutions. Most limit you to 25 processes and the webapps created by Xojo use a lot of processes. You’ll also have trouble binding to a port. VPS is the next best option, but since you mentioned not being an expert then perhaps either waiting for the Xojo Cloud or Phillips solution would be the wise option. Fwiw I don’t think you need to be an expert to run a VPS but you will need patience and I’m gonna guess you’d rather be programming than wasting your time with server esoterica.

Hey @John Scanlan I just wanted to speak up about @Phillip Zedalis - first of all he real nice person answers all emails really fast & offers the best price that I’ve seen. I went through many hosting providers trying to find one that worked (spent hours in chat with other hosting providers- trying to get things configured without any solution). Every hosting provider is different so no configuration will be the same so it’s hard for XoJo to come up with one instruction fit all scenario. It was just a no brainer signing up Phillip’s service… zero config needing setup by me and all I basically do is upload and the web edition works.

I’m using Dreamhost. Works well for me. Reasonable prices. You do need to set up a domain, add SSL and manually upload your executable though.

For German or European Xojo Users I suggest Jiffybox, my first Xojo App runs smooth on it:


Sample Xojo App:


Phillip, is that available now??

Phillip, are you going to post a link to your site where there is info available? Very interesting and seems to be needed by the community, although Xojo is going to launch something similar or are there differences?

I just signed with 1701software.com. My app is running great and the prices are great too. I also have to say that Phillip responded to my e-mails and questions promptly. I highly recommend their hosting service!!

I also just signed up with 1701software and it’s been great. Philip responded to all of my questions very promptly. Highly recommend their hosting service…

Is the pricing posted somewhere? I’m not seeing it.

I don’t think so, I sent an email to Phillip and he responded back with all the details…

I long to see the details too. :slight_smile:

Me too.