Web: Get safe path of application

how could I get the current path of my WebApp?
On Mac and Linux!



okay, thanks!

next question: is it possible to show a OpenDialog in a Webapp?

You can upload files using a web file uploader
Remember the client is running on the USERS desktop browser and the APP is running on a server some where else

So even if you COULD use an OpenDialog the item is on some remote machine where the user is NOT on the server where the app is. So you could NOT get a folder item anyways
That would assume its a file on a local machine or locally attached network storage or something which it isn’t

Yes! I want to get an item of my Webserver!

You can’t present one
The app is a CONSOLE app - no UI
So if theres a list of files on the server you want your user to pick from you’ll have to construct a page / dialog to show them and handle it yourself