Web File

I have the following code and work fine

mPDF = new WebFile
mPDF.MIMEType = “application/pdf”
mPDF.Filename = “report.pdf”
mPDF.ForceDownload = False
mPDF.Data = data

// Show PDF in Browser 

showURL(mPDF.URL, true )

but the PDF file open in the same url of my project. When I click back Xojo send to me to the login page.

My question is Can I open the pdf file in a separate usr tab.?

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There are a few older threads on the topic. Here is one. In short, you need to do a bit of javascript.

Or, you can force download and let the user open the file in their viewer of choice.

Louis your link send me to Michel B profile.

How did I do that? Need. More. Coffee.


Thanks, I use Valentina Report.