Web Edition Best way to print?

Hello all,
I am tryin BKeeny shorts, and while it produces a nice html output file, I am wondering how and what the best way is to create a view of that data, without creating an actual file. Or if a file IS the easiest way, where to put it, and when to remove it. I do not want a ton of files being created unnecessarily.

At the moment, I am wanting to simply view the report. Later an email would be produced with a PDF, but that is also the same kind of problem - I think - in that many many pdf files would be unnecessarily produced.

Can anyone suggest best way to do these things?
Thank you,

With MBS DynaPDF, you can generate reports very finely.

Importantly, these reports can be generated in memory (no file). They can also be generated quickly as an image to display on all browsers (Processes are in place to turn the pages).


Valentina Reports also seems very effective.
May be less flexible, but easier to use (drag and drop).


Its also quite easy to create a page (modal, popup, sheet, whatever) with the appropriate dimensions with a print button.
The print button can be made to not print when sending to the printer.
Once finished you can indicate the print has been successful and take them back to the original page.

I have a shipping label web app that does this and it saves heaps of time.