Web Drag and Drop -> Event Loop


I check out the Drag’n’Drop features of XojoWE.

I made some working examples, but I found a bug, I cannot solve:

If I have a containercontrol which accepts textdrop and which has a weblabel inside, the drop-events just work correctly if I let drop my drop-item in a free space of the containercontrol. If I let drop the drop-item onto the weblabel, which is not allowed to accept drops, I get a Event-Loop exception.

How can I fix this?


Have you tried accepting text drops on the label as well?

yes, same result

Best thing would be to put it in a sample project and file a bug report so I can look at it.

Made a feedback case:

Can someone test the attached project? Xojo staff says it is not reproducible…

if it’s working you get an well coded implementation of a list-control which is able to reordered using drag’n’drop.

Perhaps Xojo didn’t test dropping directly on to the WebLabel - I can get the Event Loop lock behavior.
I did not get the behavior until I came back, re-read, and very specifically tried to drop in the right spot.

Or maybe it really is just fixed in R3?

Yes, I tested it with R3 already, same result.

You couldn’t have. There’s no public release of 2017r3 yet.

yes, true, I mean R2.1, sorry! thought, that the “.1” was the R3. Sorry!

Anyway. will it work on R3?

Haven’t looked yet, but it’s on my list to review.

Ok, so your report is actually a duplicate of case 43881 for which a fix has been submitted for a future release.

But there’s no timeline for the release? Is there a workaround for the meantime?

Have to bring it up again.

Seems that it is still not fixed. Even though the involved Feedback case is closed.

I know. You guys stopped fixing bugs in Web 1.0. But this is SUPER annoying. You let us roaming around with a buggy and unfinished product…