Web Dialog Problem

I need a “confirmation web dialog” for my app. So I created one, and put “check mark” - as WebImageView, I put URL on “Open” event of the dialog, goes like this:
‘iconConfirm.URL = http://localhost…’
The icon “blinks” for a moment and then became invisible.
If I use the same URL on ‘Shown’ event the icon stays, but if the same dialog closes and reappears (on the same web-page) - then the icon disappears again…

What could be a problem and is there any solution?

Create a small sample and submit it to Feedback.

But perhaps keep the iconConfirm.URL assignment in Shown and set iconConfirm.URL = “” in the Dismissed event handler.

What URL is set in the inspector?

There is no URL in the inspector, Maybe I should mention this: There was a picture for my icon and a source folder. But since I wanted to “speed up” the application I deleted the images (first step) and then in xojo “Resolved” the issue by setting the picture to “none”. Actually I now noticed something even more strange: the App is NOT working correctly ONLY with this picture. The name is correct as it does appear once on “shown” event.

Will send a feedback app now.

It does NOT work with other pictures too. But on another form the same pictures work.

I find a solution - and possible cause of a problem… Xojo needs to investigate further.

  1. If I use ‘Open’ event of the image itself (image is on web dialog) - the URL works, and picture is shown
  2. If I use ‘Open’ event of the dialog (same command) - the images blinks
  3. If I use ‘Open’ event of either a web Page, or the Web Image - the URL once again works, and picture is shown.

Logical assumption is that when dialog is called, ‘Open’ - on image overrides ‘Open’ on dialog, thus canceling the set URL in the dialog’s ‘Open’.