Web Deployment


We just moved up to pro and have been looking at the Web aspect. Our site is a Drupal Site and we have a lot of code that runs in Frames, mostly Registration for Webinars and Membership renewals.

I have a copy of the drupal site running on my Mac. I’m using Mamp Pro and have several Virtual Hosts set up, one of which is the drupal site.

I have looked and I can not find detailed docs on how to deploy an app to my local Mac . I know nothing about cgi. Does anybody have extensive experience with this.

I first want to get it working on my local Mac before tackling our web server.



You could build as a Stand Alone WE app (does not require a web server like apache to run as in cgi-mode, it’s built in).
Launch it and a terminal window will appear. Leave that open and connect to and you should see your app.

See the overview at http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Web_Deployment_Overview#CGI, and specifically http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php?title=Deploying_Web_Apps_on_Linux, OS X deployment is pretty much the same as Linux.

Well, I’ve spent some time on what I managed to do to get such a project working and it’s too long to post. But if you need detail, I hope this will help…


Oh, and to view in your browser, type:


Thanks for the replays, I will chaco these out.

Thanks again everyone, and to you Robert, thanks for that article which led me to find this post on how to run cgi apps in Mamp:


It worked!


Glad to help. I have my “real” server sort of up and running now, too. It’s more of a chore. Right now, I have half a dozen virtual dimains running web apps on the Mac Mini OS X Mountain Lion with the Server App installed. If or when I get the “real” server’s remaining hassles worked out, I’ll try to report back if I can remember the steps…