Web Database word mangling on Windows Web

I was working with the Xojo web login app, and attempted to add access to an SQLite database and tried to insert data into it. Attached is the code where the error occurred. The row above the line error code is the commented db.Execute code which did not change. When I run the code, the db.Execute changes to a word-mangled version which removed the open and closed brackets, and removed commas. Any idea why Xojo is mangling code during runtime?

Windows 11
Web login example
Xojo 2023 r4

This is a long shot - but did you copy and paste any of that code from some external source? I’m wondering if there are some hidden UTF-8 characters that are confusing Xojo.

Hi Eric,

I manually typed out the line of code, and it worked. You were right.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Oh wow! Glad it helped. I had very low confidence in my suggestion.

If you still have the problematic text, you should probably submit a bug report. I don’t think bad characters should cause this kind of corruption.

Yes, I agree that this shouldn’t have been an issue. I modified the text… so the same error can’t be reproduced. Thanks for the suggestion though :slight_smile:

Edit: Just found an old backup copy. I will create a bug report. Thanks for the idea.
Edit2: Darn… more issues. Oh well. I can’t reproduce this exact issue, and getting more errors. Oh well :man_shrugging:

Sounds like more bug reports! :lady_beetle::bug::beetle::mosquito::ant:

Opening the file now provides the ongoing circle. Hmm… can’t even open a project. The project has the ongoing circle and becomes a different shade of grey in the background. Oh well.

Reach out to Xojo support. They can sometimes rescue projects like these.

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