Web database example project

More on this. I’ve created an app with a weblistbox, some actions, buttons, the ability to add lines to and remove from the listbox, a random number generator, etc. These all work fine.

If I then add a Class1 that is a subclass of SQLiteDatabase to my project, and in a button event put dim db as new Class1, the app won’t run on the server. This happens with SQLite or with MySQL.

It’s quite strange that everything works perfectly until then, considering it’s not supposed to work at all as it’s 64 bit.

Hey @Tom I. I put together some of my lessons learned on updating an app that was previously working just fine… as well as uploading more than one apps on the same server. I’m just a beginner with xojo so my experience is very limited. Hopefully you find it useful.

Lessons Learned Webapp Edition

Hi Rob,

Thanks for the tip. I’ve checked all of those and it they don’t seem to be the issue. The app runs perfectly with a listbox, random number generator, events, image view, etc. The second that I add in a database subclass the app won’t run on the server.

My server is on 64-bit linux so it doesn’t make sense for it to work at all since my server company has said I don’t have any 32-bit libraries installed.