Web controls' accept tabs?

Am I missing how to stop web labels and other controls from accepting tabs? I have a page with a few labels, text fields, a button, header, and a popupmenu where i just want the text fields and default button to roll through the tabbing order. Ive disabled the labels and it rolls through the texts the first time but after the default button it takes the number of controls in tabs to get bck to the 1st one. What am I missing?

The web TabEngine is, frankly, a mess. A lot of work needs to be done in that regard. There are a few open Feedback Cases that I hope will be fixed soon-ish.


Recent relevant thread

I’ve taken to writing the JavaScript to set the taborder to controls then forcibly breaking the TabEngine. Maybe @Ricardo_Cruz can tackle this for an upcoming release?


Do the graffiti controls work as expected?

All web controls, including GraffitiSuite, are managed by the Xojo framework TabEngine.

I was afraid that was the case but thanks. I would like to see how the js intervention works.

It’s very hacky. I posted part of it in the thread I referenced earlier, but as I said there I don’t recommend it.

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We will give the TabEngine some love on 2022r2, yes, it’s on the plate already :slight_smile: