Web Combo Box (Multi-Select)

Is it possible to add a multi-selection type of combo box to a web form? I don’t see a “multi-select” property on the inspector when I add a combo box to my project. I am new here, so sorry if this is obvious. Thanks!

Welcome, Jennifer!

The built-in ComboBox is single selection only, but if you’re open to third-party components then you should check out GraffitiPopupMenu for web. It supports multiple selection, built-in search, icons, and a ton of other stuff.

You could use a WebListBox, where multiple selections are possible.


Set the WebListBox as invisible, and place it under a button (or TextField) which will do the same as a combobox. When clicked, the button shows the WebListBox, like it would the dropdown in a combobox. Then the user can select multiple lines. You can set the button to hide the WebListBox again, or add a validate button which hides itself and the WebListBox.


I use this trick in some of my apps.