Web Canvas Printing

I have a web page with two Canvas controls side by side. Before printing the web page I move the right canvas below the left canvas so when printed they are stacked. Code Follows:

Web Page is named Curves
Curves.Shown event Code
Timer1.Mode = 0

Print Button Code To Move Canvas under first Canvas.
Button2.Visible = False
Button1.Visible = False
Curves.Canvas2.Top = 449
Curves.Canvas2.Left = 34
ExecuteJavaScript “print();”
Timer1.Mode = 1

Timer1 Code To reset Canvas and controls.
Button2.Visible = True
Button1.Visible = True
Curves.Canvas2.Left = 432
Curves.Canvas2.Top = 57
Timer1.Mode = 0

I can see the right canvas move and the buttons are hidden. The printer prints the web page but the canvas are still side by side. Any ideas?

What’s the period on the Timer?

Realistically you can’t move that stuff back until after the user clicks the print button.

The canvas don’t move back until after the printer has been called. The period on the timer is 20000 so that it doesn’t fire before the relocated canvas have been sent to the printer. At least that’s the plan. Is there a refresh function I should be calling for that page to make sure the relocated canvas positions are sent to the printer.