web cam without plugin

there is some code that can view web cam without using any plug-thirds do?

I need this just to capture photos in real time.



iSightCamera_Class looks interesting. But QTKit Libs? I did not follow the discussions about QTKit couple of weeks ago but is this not outdated and Apps were rejected because of QTKit?

Yes, QTKit is deprecated.

If you really want a solution for Mac, you should check the MBS AVFoundation Plugin.

[h]web cam without plugin[/h]
not sure how using a plugin fills the OP requirement… but then it might be just me

Personally I think it’s completely justified mentioning a plugin as accessing the Web Cam on a Mac without one is near impossible now that QT has been deprecated.

Of course we could just sit here and leave that unsaid and let the OP think their problem can’t be solved with Xojo at all. It also doesn’t stop anyone who has a declares only way from also posting (although having used AVfoundation I’d imagine that will be a nightmare!).

As far as I know you will have big trouble if you try AVFoundation with declares.
And other people may be interested in a solution with plugin.