Web Build

I just downloaded the Web version license and built my application for the first time. It compiles ok and when I try to run it all I get is a Black blank screen with a cursor in the top left corner. What am I missing?

I am assuming that
1- you built a standalone web app
2- you are running it on your local computer

What you see is the console window in which the app is running.

Open your web browser and call the ip address of your computer (and the port chosen for your app ) or the ip adress of the computer where your web app is running, you will have the app in the browser, if your firewall settings allow the communication and if there is not another web server running on the computer.

So how do I get my computer ip address?

What OS are you running?

Win 7

Start, run, type cmd. In the console window, type ipconfig. You will see several addresses, pick the address of your default network adapter.

you could also try It usually calls the local computer on any OS.

I get from the ipconfig. When I type it in the browser address it says it can’t display the page.

is your web app still running?
what listening port did you choose for the app? where xxxx is the port chosen for your app should work.

if you close the black window that opens when you launch the web app, then you terminate the web app.

I have port 80 selected. I enter and Google comes up with a list of items but app doesn’t run. This is with the console window still up.

don’t forget the http:// part

You don’t need :80 if the port is 80.