Web Build Copy Files

Any way to copy a folder of files to the Web project? Also seems like I have to set up different folderItem to find files for debug and deployed apps? Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

If I am understanding you, you can use Build Automation to do this.

Under Insert>Build Step>Copy files in the IDE

Thanks John… Looks like it should do the trick. However I have the Behavior and both selected. But when I run debug I do not see those files in the resource folder I abbe that selected also.

Anything else ?

Ken - I think I know what is going on.

You have to take the build targets into account. They have separate build steps.
Are debugging on a different platform than you are building for?
If so, you need to make sure the build step is also in there for your debugging platform, even if you are not building for that platform in the final build.

I ran into this with a web app I was building for a linux server, but I was working on a Mac. Even though I was not ever building for Mac, when you hit the “RUN” button it is going through the Mac build steps, not the Linux build steps… Does that make sense? So you need to copy the build automation steps into that platform as well for them to happen when debugging on that platform.


Excellent… Thanks so much!