Web apps dont support Raspberry PI

I have spent the last 10 days writing a web server app in Xojo for an internal project and just tested it using a Raspberry PI (which is what it is going to be accessed from) and it tells me that the browser is not supported. The project is for internal use but needs to be used with a PI. How can I make the web app work with a PI?


What version of Xojo are you using? I just tried a web app made with 2016r1 (running on OS X) and it came up just fine on the Pi browser.

I am using the latest release. I am using a Screenly application on it to display slides etc which uses a web browser. Screenly is used a lot for customs displays etc. Don’t know what browser it actually uses and not sure how to find out.

Get the user-agent from your web app, that should give you an indication. And you can use that to enable unsupported browser only for it.

Or as Norman said, just return True from AllowUnsupportedBrowser.

Thanks Guys, as it is an internal system I can use the AllowUnsupportedBrowser options.