Web apps and URL's

Hi All,

In the process of rebuilding an existing app not made with Xojo. In that app we use sub-directories to store small text files that the app uses to identify the client and then customize the index page with name, styling, etc. So a client URL would look like:


and they would be presented with their login page, with basic styling (logo, colors, etc) set as well as the welcome text.

I’m not sure how to do this in Xojo. I THINK HandleURL is the way to go?

I am able to read the files to get the config info in HandleURL, but am not sure what to do next without a session.

Any suggestions?


if you simply wish to read the file and apply user-specific settings, or save such settings in the file, a folderitem with a text stream is probably better. The web application is really a console application that generates web pages on request. The web app can handle files just like a console application does.

Hi Louis,

Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I am doing. It’s the next part I am having problems with.

Since there is no session yet created, where do I store that information and then how do I get a WebApp page to display?